Honeybush Sweet Dreams

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Honeybush Sweet Dreams

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50 grams of tea will make 20-25 cups

175 grams of tea will make 70-90 cups

250 grams will make 100-125 cups

Two samples (2 x10g) included with every order



Honeybush leaves spiced with oils of passion fruit and lemon with heather and saflor flowers.
Honeybush tea is a herbal infusion and many health properties are associated with the regular consumption of the tea. It has very low tannin content and contains no caffeine. It is therefore especially valuable for children and patients with digestive and heart problems where stimulants and tannins should be avoided.

Several health-promoting properties have been associated with drinking Rooibos tea and to a lesser extent Honeybush tea, e.g. as treatment for colic infants, as aid for allergies and various sleep and digestive disorders. Research shows it may alleviate menopausal symptoms in women, prevent cancerous tumours, repair sun damage, aid digestion, even stimulate milk production in nursing mothers.


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